Monday, May 08, 2006

Living up to the title

Well, today really was "one terrific day".

I made breakfast for a bunch of friends at my place this morning, with a lot of help from Bob.

Karen, Sinead, Bob and Jp joined myself and Claire for a big fry-up. It was great. Normally we go into town and get food in the same place every Sunday, but this week we thought we'd try something different. And it worked out really well.

After breakfast, Karen, Bob, Sinead and Claire headed out and Jp and me just hung around looking at tonnes of photos on Flickr and just generally surfing the net.

Once everyone was back, we all watched Superman II in preperation for Superman Returns. It's hilariously bad a lot of the time. Celophane S-shields, telekinesis, teleportation, creating multiple copies of onesself... man, Kryptonians gained all sorts of weird powers during that movie.

Still, it gave us "Come and kneel before Zod!": one of the greatest lines in comicbook movie history, and right up there with "Play it again, Sam" as it is also usually misquoted.

Just for clarity, it isn't Humphrey Bogarts character, Rick that says the only line even remotely similar to the misquote, it's Ilsa, played by Ingrid Bergman, who says "Play it once, Sam. For old times' sake." The closest Rick gets is in this short conversation (cut-n-pasted from

Rick: You know what I want to hear.
Sam: [lying] No, I don't.
Rick: You played it for her, you can play it for me!
Sam: [lying] Well, I don't think I can remember...
Rick: If she can stand it, I can! Play it!

And that ain't even close.

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