Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mostly Working

Nothing exciting has happened recently. Just been working all week. Kinda boring.

I guess E3 has thrown up some interesting stuff- PS3 controllers will have motion sensors, proving once again that while Sony may be the better selling, Nintendo is the innovator in the gaming industry.

I saw Mission Impossible III. I loved it! While it isn't the "best movie ever", it's an awesome fun start to the summer movies. My rating is "Will Buy it on DVD in the Sales". I'm very annoyed at reports that the lower than expected gross for the movie is being blamed on Tom Cruise. I think the fact that MI:2 sucked beyond all comprehension is more to blame for the crappy first weekend profits. The very fact that it took in $10 million less than MI:2 proves that profits are rarely based on the quality of the actual end product. Speaking of MI:2, this newest installment in the series ignores absolutely anything that might have happened in the second one, so you can watch MI and MI:3 without feeling like you've missed anything. Yay!

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