Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, according to the little clock on the monitor here, it is officially the 28th of May, making me officially 26 years and roughly 9 months old.

I should be happy, but as the clock ticked over, I found myself slumped in a chair silently watching the final episode of season 1 of Boston Legal. I'm not upset I'm older. I don't feel 26. I don't feel 20! I'm not upset at how my life is at this moment. In fact, I love it. As I've said here before, I have the best friends ever, the best partner ever and life is pretty much complete for the time being... next big step is kids I guess, and Claire won't let me yet! That's ok though. I don't want kids until I have a job and all the other stuff I need to afford the little parasites.

We're going for breakfast tomorrow to a local hotel, and for €10 it's pretty much an all you can eat! That's certainly not upsetting. I'm most definately going to get stuff (even if I don't really want anything). How bad is that! I love opening wrapping. People say kids get more fun out of the packaging than the product. I still do. I love cutting open a new action figure box, or ripping the paper off a present. I'm going to get do all those tomorrow, most likely, and regardless of what I find inside, I know I'll love it, because it came from people that are special to me.

So why am I upset. Honestly, I think it's because I haven't eaten properly, or my blood-sugar levels are low. Seriously. Just writing all this has cheered me up already. My "upsettedness" can't be because something happened to me. It can't be because something is going to happen to me. I guess it must just be under-the-skin biological stuff. Sounds right, and my grumbling tummy agrees.

I'm really getting the hang of this "secret-readable-by-the-world-diary-thing". Sometimes, all you need to do is write to get to understand what you can't express. Ghaa! That sounds awful. How do I say it properly? If I hadn't started this thing a month ago, I would have gone to bed, still feeling upset and knowing that I shouldn't be. Now, I get to write about it and learn why I feel this way.

So. After all that, I get to go to bed older, wiser and happier.

Tomorrow's going to be awesome. Er... that is, technically, later today...

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