Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh My God!!

I squealed at such a high pitch when I saw this that I think I made Claires ears bleed!

As an aside: Should I avoid embedding video like this in my blog? I'm still learning what the popular thing to do is. Is it annoying or handy? To quote Bear in a Big Blue House: What do you think?


Cian said...

That's hilarious, by far the funniest video I've seen in a long time. That snake bit at the end is genius. And the puppy! Brilliant. Can't wait to see some footage of people playing it, in game graphics, controller interaction etc.

On the video issue, most people who read this will be on broadband so it's not that big a deal, and it is streaming so it only starts downloading if the visitor clicks play. On the other hand, it's not dramatically more convenient than linking to the video and if I wanted to send the link on to a friend I'd either have to find it myself on google or just link to your blog. That's not really an issue though, unless someone else feels strongly about it.

kindle said...

Why oh why is there a puppy pawing at the screen in the middle of a battle? And I'm sorry, the farting Wario is just not cool. I love SSB, but fart jokes really lose their funny after a while..

Denis said...

The puppy is from Nintendogs of course! It's going to be one of the many, many weapons introduced for the new game.

But, yeah. The fart joke was lame. It is, however, very Wario-like!