Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Got Milk?

OK. I'm just searching YouTube for funny videos to share tonight before I go to bed. I do have work at 6:30 tomorrow morning, but I can stay up another bit!

  • Anyhow, here's a good one for the "Got Milk" ads campaign from America staring the Avengers and a few extra heroes thrown in for fun. Great costumes though.

  • This one's got a nice moral played out with a funny twist.

  • So not only does it give you strong bones, it gives you long bones?

  • This one made me laugh out loud. Very nice animation, though I thought it was related to the movie "Ice Age" from the title. It's not.

  • Wow. Milk can do anything! This fact should be taught to every adolescent male on the planet. Great ad. I'm very surprised they got away with it though! I mean, we all know never to cross a woman with PMS!

  • Mario's Got Milk! Why haven't you?

  • And finally, here is a multi-award winning "Got Milk" ad. According to the blurb attached, it was directed by Michael Bay! It is hilarious. If you're reading this post but thinking "No way am I clicking all those links" at least do yourself the favour of watching this one. It's worth it.

  • All this from a guy who gets sick trying to drink milk. I can have milk in cereal, tea, coffee and other stuff, but try to get me to drink a plain glass of milk and I'll actually vomit. Guess that's what happens when you get it shoved down you in primary school for three years.


    kindle said...

    Oh god, I remember the one about Mr Miller! Still freaks me out.

    kindle said...

    Oh also, when I first saw this ad I thought of you. ;P

    kindle said...

    Wow. I really should have put these all into one comment. ;) The Aaron Burr was the very first 'Got Milk' commercial, I think it aired during the superbowl one year (that's when the most awesome commercials are aired).