Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Still here

Spent most of last night messing with the code on the page just to get little things to work. I'm totally computer code illiterate, so it took some work!

While I'm here, sorry to Cian from Under an Orange Sky (linked to on the side bar) for making my site look so like his. He's a good friend in real life, so I'm always checking out his blog and thought when I wanted to start my own, I may as well use Blogger too. Unfortunately it seems I just couldn't find another template that looks as nice as this one. Oh well. You know what they say about "great minds"!

Now that I have a blog, maybe I'll get a Flickr account too!!

1 comment:

Cian said...

Yeah as they say "Fools seldom differ". While I applaud Blogger for such nice starting templates, maybe they're too nice? I want to make up my own but I know it'll just look like smeg compared with the basic ones.