Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On The First Day Of Gearsmas Epic Gave To Me

All together now!

  1. "On the first day of Gearsmas Epic gave to me, a concussion from a smoke grenade." Bringing the concuss back for day - Dec 22
  2. 2 Flaming Bloodmounts (2 Bloodmounts with Flamethrowers every wave) - Dec 23
  3. 3 Extra Clips (3 extra clips of ammo in every weapon) - Dec 24
  4. 4 Frag grenades (Frag grenade pickups have 4) - Dec 25
  5. 5 Torque Bow Tags (Many rifle creatures carry Torque Bows in Horde) - Dec 26
  6. 6 Melee Monsters (All melee creatures Horde) - Dec 27
  7. 7 Sires a storming - Dec 28
  8. 8 Old School Gears Heads (4 v 4 MP) - Dec 29
  9. 9 Boomers Booming (Boomer squads on every wave) - Dec 30
  10. 10 Waves of Tickers (all Ticker Horde) - Dec 31
  11. 11 Wretches Wretching (Wretches with Shotguns) - Jan 1
  12. Some of the above (1, 3, 4, 8, 10) - Jan
That's 12 days of epic epicness from Epic starting tomorrow! This list was posted on the official forums, so it's not some random guesswork. On top of all this, everyone gets Golden Lancers and Hammerbursts for the duration of the event, which would matter to Claire and I if we didn't already have Gold Lancers thanks to the awesome Stacey (@iFlak) on Twitter. What does interest me is the XP bonus. Starting at 12x and going up one every day to 23x on day 12. Sweet. The last two Achievements I have left to bag in Gears of War 2 are Seriously 2.0 which requires me to kill 100,000 enemies and Veteran Gear, which requires me to hit Level 100. Seriously can be boosted in single player, so I'll get it eventually regardless. But Levels only count in Multiplayer, so XP events are a big thing to me at the moment.

I'm on somewhere around the 30,000 kill mark, but only at Level 77. Hopefully the coming days will boost that a bit closer to the magical 100, and I can earn my wings!

I'm going to be clocking in a lot of time online over the holiday season. Surely the best way to spent the cold winter nights.