Monday, May 08, 2006


Arg! What with our two blogs looking so similar already, I really wanted to avoid repeating stuff Cian posted about.

However, previous posts have spoken about how much I love the Muppets, so I really, really have to link to this post from Cian! God I love the Muppets, and Sesame Street too. I have many fond memories of getting home from Mass on a Sunday morning and turning on the tv just to watch Sesame Street.

And I loved those Yip-yip aliens! Super thanks to Cian for linking this, not only for the direct link to the Yip-yips, but also allowing me to find all those other Sesame Street clips! Check out Johnny Cash singing "Don't Take Your Gun to Town" only... um... not!

I would love to be able to get some of these clips off of YouTube to put on a CD for my little brother and sister. They live in no-internet-land, so won't get to see these. Boo.


kindle said...

*gasp* No Internet Land! Does such a nightmare really exist??

Cian said...

You may also enjoy some Cookie Monster soul searching over at McSweeney's. Actually I think I'll blog that.

kindle said...

The aliens were always my favorite, I think. So best.