Thursday, May 04, 2006

Random Shinyness Part 1

Of many! These posts are going to be mostly me just spewing out a bunch of stuff I found out about that's either got me excited, curious, terrrified, whatever! Mostly shiney stuff that caught my attention. From these "random" posts you'll see how very easily amused I am. I'll try to keep these to one a month, but particularly eventful weeks may need their own post!

  • Blackcurrant fruit pastilles! Now they are selling packs with only the purple ones! Man. Those guys know their market!

  • The Star Wars we all love is finally coming to DVD! But on limited release! Get in fast!Does this deserve a post all to itself? Too late!

  • I love The Muppets! Season One on DVD is getting a lot of playtime in my place. The other seasons can't come fast enough.

  • And on the subject of the Muppets, Jim Hensons The Dinosaurs and The Storyteller are both coming to DVD. They will be mine.

  • I found permanent markers that come in all sorts of colours, including yellow! I think I'm gonna get some white t-shirts and draw my own images. Pictures might follow. If I ever actually do it.

  • And finally, this. An awesome prank pulled on a Best Buy in America. Funny becuase it was entirely harmless at the end of the day, and even some of the staff got a few giggles during it. A great read, and don't forget to check out the Flickr photos linked from the very bottom of the page.
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    Cian said...

    Yeah that improv everywhere thing was a laugh, I prefer the Moebius one though, must keep tabs on these guys.