Saturday, May 20, 2006


As promised, I went and bought some DVDs to continue my retail therapy.

I've always wanted to own the Jurassic Park trilogy, and now I do. Once home, I put on the bonus disk that comes in this set and enjoyed some of the fun extras. If you're interested, there's a bit about the huricane that hit the original movie, some dancing Compys done for the sequal and I don't think we even checked out the extras for the third movie. I'm already getting the feeling "Jurassic Park 3: Always Guarantee The Cheque Clears First Before Risking Life And Limb For Another God-Damn Kid" won't be taken out of the box for some time!

But we did watch both the first and second movie today. They are both flawed, the second more-so, but still very enjoyable. The action is well executed, the acting... um.. isn't awful and the special effects, especially the dinos themselves are fantastic. In the first especially, the humor, action, tension and moral story all go together perfectly, so that instead of getting bored while listening to the "should man play God" debates, you are just thankful for the time to relax before the next onslaught of fun. Of course, I enjoyed the debates, wheather on playing God, chaos theory pobability, whatever. They were some of my favourite moments in the books. "Red Queen", "Gamblers Ruin", all that stuff. I love it.

Heck the very fact that I remembered both those terms shows how much impact they had on me. I even remembered the principle for "Gamblers Ruin", though I forgot what "Red Queen" was about until I did a quick Google search.

And finally, there is a special feature on the disk for the first movie where the scene with the Raptors chasing the kids in the kitchen is done using stop-motion technology. Harryhausen Velociraptors FTW! Although, everytime the dolls for the kids turned up, I was reminded of Robot Chicken.

Edit: Misspelt "cheque"! D'oh.

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