Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What's in a name

Well, I figure this is as good a place as any to start my entry into the world of web-logging.

So, why the blog title? I haven't even seen the movie in question!

The quote, a larger section of which is used underneath the title, although taken from Rebel Without a Cause, was actually first read by me in a Marvel comic called Runaways, by Brian K. Vaughn.

In many ways, this quote is what I want this blog to be about:

Firstly, it is a place for me to chat about comics, toys, books, games, and all the other crazy stuff I'm interested in. As the quote holds more meaning for me in coming from a comic rather than a critically acclaimed movie, I kinda think reflects on how I see the world!
Secondly, the quote is full of hope. Hope for tomorrow. And this blog will hopefully (urg... pardon the pun) be whiny-free and not ultra depressing. Sure, if crappy stuff happens to me, I might use this to vent, but those posts will probably get deleted pretty fast once I cool down! In general, I lead a good life. I'm happy, I have a great girlfriend (actually, we're engaged, but I hate the word "fiancee"... is that even the correct spelling?), I have the best set of friends I could ever hope for, and I'm far from needing anything. So although my life is far from perfect, there is little in it I should really complain about!
And thirdly, I was going to use "Tomorrow, Maybe You'll Be Gone" as the blog title instead, and while I still like this concept of living life to the max every day, I thought it sounded a little depressing. Also, it was too long to use as the page address!

So that's my first post! I'm gonna go mess with the settings some more!

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