Monday, May 29, 2006

26 Years Ago

That's when I was born. Since then, I have been witness to a lot of things in this world. I was alive for and remember, in no particular order whatsoever:
The Challenger Shuttle exploding after launch.
The Columbia Shuttle exploding during reentry.
When a great Pope died.
Two wars in the Gulf.
When Superman got a costume and powers change- this made the RTE 9:00 news!
The day Zig and Zag first appeared on TV.
When Bosco left TV.
The morning the Twin Towers in New York were destoryed in an act of terrorism.
When the Russian space-station, MIR was brought down.
When the Berlin Wall was broken down.
When Dermot Morgan, the voice of Scrap Saturday and face of Father Ted died on a Sunday morning. The news was broke to me by a visibly shaken Dave Fanning on The Beat-Box.
When Princess Diana was also killed on a (different) Sunday morning, or possibly late Saturday night.
When Wolverines real name was revealed to be James Howlett.
The first time Ireland got into the soccer World Cup, for Italy 1990.
When Taytos cost 10p.
When the smoking ban was brought into Irish law.
When Toybiz Marvel Legends appeared on the market.
When my little brother Stephen and my even littler (I know) sister Margaret-Ann were born. I was only three when Philip was born, so though I was alive, I don't really remember it. I've been told I was more proud to be an older brother than my parents were to be parents of another beautiful, healthy boy.

I know I've been around for tonnes more, but these are what spring to mind in just ten minutes. The order is unimportant. One thing inspired another, or stray thoughts just wandered through. I wrote them as I thought of them, so although becoming a brother was one of the best things that ever happened to me, it stays at the end of the list, because it came to me last. So order does not represent importance! As soon as I press the "Publish Post" button, I'll think of a dozen more anyway.

Today was a good day. Breakfast with friends was amazing. All you can eat, great food cooked just right. For what we got, €10 was good, but I think a bit expensive for a regular thing. Maybe on special occasions.

Headed into town and bought some shopping. I cracked and bought Trauma Centre for myself. Hey, it's my birthday! Who's gonna stop me?!?

Back home, hung out, played computer games for a bit then had a great barbeque. Really nice. And it was the first of the summer too. Here's to many more!

Now, I'm exhausted. Time for bed.


Donncha Carroll said...

Happy birthday, My best cousin,
From your best cousin (hopefully)

Denis said...

Ha! Of course! You two are another thing I'll always remember. I remember seeing two tiny balls of skin and bone, lying side-by-side in a hospital. I remember when your mum let me stay at out house and help look after you both for a few days. I'll especially remember you vomiting on my shirt, so I took it off because I was also wearing a t-shirt, and you promptly vomited on that too! After that, how could I not love my little cousins.