Thursday, May 25, 2006

GhostRider Trailer

Nic Cage's GhostRider isn't due out until February next year, but there's a trailer up already. Gotta admit, this looks very interesting! The CGI needs some work still. The bones are too clean, and the flames look... well... CG.

I'm happy to see that ego did not hinder style. I expected that the majority of the time as GhostRider himself would just be done as Nics head on fire to allow the audience to always see Nic. I figured the only time we'd see the skull effect was during the final battle, when GhostRider really cuts loose, as always happens. Thankfully, the trailer proves me wrong. Yay!

Oh, and if you download the iPod version and watch it in VLC, you can watch the bit where he falls off the bike in slow motion. Yeouch, that looks like it hurt!

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