Saturday, May 20, 2006

File Storage?

Does anyone out there know a site that store text files, or Adobe files or stuff along those lines.

I'm looking for a site that does the job Flickr does for photos and YouTube or GoogleVideo does for movie files, except I want it for text files.

Basically, I'd like to upload short stories I'd like to write to somewhere people can read them. Most are fan-fiction of a sort, though they are usually severely reimagined versions. I have a great idea for a BraveStarr series of stories, and I have a very fleshed out idea for a fresh take on Batman that a friend of mine did a lot of work on.

I'd like to write them up and post them somewhere people can read them if they wanted too. Any suggestions?


Donncha Carroll said...
You can upload your stories and get them read and voted on/

kindle said... is a pretty good artist community site that lets you post your work (includes writers, photographers, painters, sculpters, etc). If it's fanfic you're doing a fanfic site would probably be better as you'd already have a supporting audience. Is it possible to make your own static pages with blogger? Because you could just put your stories up here then.