Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Freelance Police

They're back!

Well. Almost. But this is looking good. Pity it doesn't use the cartoons voices, though they do mention that in the FAQ.

I like the idea of episodic games, and I hope for Telltales sake that it works. Even if the episodes don't sell as expected, the "Season" DVD should fly off the shelves. I know I'm going to be picking it up for our place. Might even get an episode or two as they are released.

Bone is onto its second episode, although these are not quite the same. Where Sam & Max are going to have a very episodic feeling with an overall plot, Bone plays more like parts of a movie. Again, this looks interesting enough to pick up once it's finished.

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kindle said...

I played the demo of the first game, it was cute. Basically just re-telling the comic, which was awesome.