Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's Try That Again

I've been having a tough time over the last few days. Nothing major, just lots of little things. I'm not gonna moan about it, but let's just say that giving up work just before Christmas was still awesome, I just wish I had something else by now. Not that I've been looking much, I'm currently helping in that pre-school I completed my work experience in four mornings a week for a week or two, paid this time!! Nice! But it's not enough, and now Claire is out of a job too. Yup. She got laid off. "Not enough work for everyone". Blah. What I'm earning isn't enough, but I can't really do a whole lot more because of college. And college... they're all so young. And they don't talk to me yet, because I'm the "new guy" in a class of 87 girls and 3 guys! It doesn't help that I've been missing a small selection of lectures and tutorials because I really, really need to work to earn something to survive on. Tutorials in particular are where I'm going to get to know the class. Bah. There. Most stuff vented in a single (bigger an average) paragraph. Not everything. Most.


Life is still good ok survivable pretty damn awesome. No, seriously. No matter how bad stuff gets for us, we always survive. Always. And I still have her. Amd broadband. God I love broadband. I'm watching House MD at the moment. Halfway through series one. I should really write an entry on how ridiculously identical every episode is. And I will. Soon.

And I've started a full set of custom action figures based on Nextwave!! The entire team. I'm even planning Dirk Anger, Elvis MODOK, Neekid Ninjas, the works!! Awesome. My sewing skills have vastly improved too! And I've learned that when you want fabric to make tiny jackets, go to a charity shop and buy a jacket! Much cheaper than getting the fabric alone.

So look. Life might suck, but actually, when you think about it, it's not all that bad. Nothing lasts forever, and moments of hardship are just that; moments. Not every day will be terrific, but did you know that pre-school teachers have a longer life expectancy and get out of jury duty!! And for those reasons, right now, my life will be great. Worship me.

Finally. Sorry for deleting the previous post. I've never had to do that before. Sure, I've scrapped posts before, but never posted something I wanted to delete later. But it's gone (along with your comment Weefz. Thanks, though. Nice to be thought of... not that I doubt others weren't thinking of me too, but you commented, so that's cool!). Hopefully I'll never have to do it again. After all, that's what One F*£%ed Up Sucky-A$$ed Day is for. Right?!?

Edit: Sorted!! This "learning HTML on the go" thing can have it's disadvantages.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

HTML Helped

Well, super thanks to Cian for the much needed HTML help. I swear I scanned over that whole template looking for something to jump out at me. It's the first time I've really needed help with HTML. Now, I have no training in it, but any time I've wanted to do something that required it, a little light reseach got me on track and the task accomplished. I'm quite proud of that fact.

Anyway, now the body of my blog is, as you can see, slightly wider. This just gives me a little leg-room, so to speak.

Thanks again.

Also, glad to see you're back up and... well... updating! I feel we need to support each other in this blogging venture thingy! We're not the best for updating sometimes. Karen put us both, and many others I'm sure, to shame before the Christmas with an update on a daily basis! Amazing.

I'm going to attempt to do that myself for a month some time. Some time. But not now.

Monday, January 08, 2007


I've put up with it for a while, but now I'm asking for help. Is there any way I can make the margins on both sides of the page about half as small?? There is just so much empty space!! I know it makes it look clean and bright, but if I want to use images in my posts, I have to use the smallest options, or else I end up with text down one side of the image, one word a line! And that just looks silly. I just want there to be a few more words per line in the posts, nothing drastic.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Story Time, Kiddies

Ultimate Batman:
Issue 1 (Almost entirly without speech)
Pg 1- 6 letter box panels:
Panel 1- close up on Batmans eyes- just white lens- looking angry
Panel 2- close up on Bruce Waynes eyes, looking anxious
Panel 3- close up of Batmans hand holding a batarang sideways, mirroring...
Panel 4 - close up of Bruces hand, turned looking at his watch. The hands read 9:15
Panel 5 - close up of Batmans belt, retrieving a gadget from his belt
Panel 6 - close up of Bruces hand reaching for a glass of champaign.

Page 2 -Full page splash.
Batman holding a thug around the body from behind. One hand over the mouth, the other coming up underneath the thugs armpit and then around the back of the head. The thug is obviously shocked.

Page 3- Full page splash.
Bruce holding a very beautiful girl around the waist from behind. Both are dressed for a party and many others are in the background, enjoying the time. Bruce is young, 18 years old. He is dressed casual, shirt open, tie undone, resting around his neck. The girl is enjoying the embrace, and has her head inclined up and around looking for a kiss. Bruce is looking down her body at his watch. It reads 10:22.

The following pages jump from Batman on a night out, stopping evil, to Bruce at his 18th birthday. He's very distracted, evidently waiting for something, or some time. Some panels show him looking at his watch, others at the antique Grandfather clock against one wall. Every such panel shows time slipping by.

As the issue moves on Batmans fight with the thugs is set against Bruce's time at the party. The action in both sections should mirror each other to an extent, the darkness of the alley versus the bright party; the violent fight versus the gentle dance; the the flash of gunfire versus the flash of cameras.

Batman returns to the Batmobile. He has blood smeared across his lips, and wipes it off occasionally. It returns. The Batmobile is parked down another of Gothams many dark alleys. Batman stops for a moment, one foot inside the Batmobile as a number of GCPD police cars scream by the alley, lights flashing.

Bruces section has the party begin to wrap-up and the guests are hurried out. Some look annoyed at having the party stopped so early. Clocks in the background read 1:47. Bruces girl (Viki Vale) is very annoyed at not being let stay, but Alfred calmly forces her into the limo. Bruce stands in the doorway at the top of the steps, one foot inside the hall, as the last of the guests cars leave down the mansions drive.

The Batmobile is screaming along the roads. Bruce races through the mansion to the library. Batman activates a switch on a dashboard covered in little lights and switches. "Entrance Clear" flashes up on a screen. Bruce activates a hidden switch behind the Grandfather clock which now reads 1:53. The bookcase beside it slides open, revealing a rough staircase downwards. The Batmobile races through a hidden opening in a cliff face and along a narrow driveway inside. Bruce races down the stairs, Alfred following close behind.

Pulling off his shirt Bruce opens a locker. Inside are a number of Bat-Suits. He reaches for the first one. Bruce steps forward in full Batsuit, with just the mask in hand. He runs up to the Batmobile and runs his fingers along the paintwork. It's immaculate. As he turns around,

The Batmobile drives up and parks in a space beside the other one. Bruce leaps over the bonnets, landing with a slight acrobatic flair at the drivers-side door. It opens and Batman steps out, blood-marks colgealed on his lips.

Last panel on second last page:
Bruce: Alright, old man. I've kept my end of the bargain. Now you keep yours.
Batman is reaching to remove his mask in the same panel.

Last Page- Full page splash.
Bruce Wayne is standing on the left side of the page, a huge smile beaming across his face. A much older man is standing looking at him one the right side of the page. He looks every bit as tired and old as Bruce looks energetic and young. Think Dark Knight Returns Batman standing next to Batman from the current The Batman Warner Bros cartoon, only the older man isn't as crazily large as DKR Batman was. Both are looking each other in the eyes. In the background, between them on the page, and looking worried, stands Alfred. Behind him, above a wall of computer monitors a huge clock reads 2:00.


That's my opening shot. The premise is that Batman has been around for years before Bruce is old enough to do the job. The whole time, he's been played by Bruce's friend from after his parents were killed, Gotham City Police Department Officer James Gordon. Bruce has been using his family millions to finance the gadgets and tech, all on the condition that once he turns 18, Jim has to hand over the mantle of the Bat. He's spent all his life training for this time.

Batman is still an urban legend. Gordon is good at what he does, and uses his police connections and access to make some evidence dissappear that could support the rumours of this vigilante, while twisting other evidence to "prove" that these events have been the result of numerous individuals, empowered by the concept of this Batman figure, but ultimately working alone, and often only once.

Early issues have Bruce screw up a few times. Some villians immediately spot the difference, and he gets himself into the kind of trouble he has to use his brains to escape from. At least once he should loose the criminal entirely, but some quick detective work gets him back on the trail. This should be the focus. Bruce becomes the Dark Detective relying on brains as much as brawn, while Gordon was always just the Dark Knight, relying on his fists.

Well. That's it for the start. Hope you guys like it. That's actually an idea I've been playing with for over a year now, with help from my best buddy Noel. If I had any artistic skills I'd try actually drawing it out, but I don't, so... you know...

Thursday, January 04, 2007


And not the boring kind where I say something like "Sorry I haven't posted in weeks, but I promise to post more often from now on" and you don't hear from me again. No, this is a quick post on some slight, slight changes I've made to the blog itself.

Most notibly I have changed the side panel. Now the whole thing is themed! Everything is "Terrific". Nice.

Um... actually, I think that's about it for the obvious changes. In the background, I've gone and updated to the new formats that allow easier modifications to be made, so that's cool. Also, I updated some of my links. A few months late, but now kindle acctually links to her new blog! I've been reading it since she changed, just never realised I hadn't changed the link. Silly me. As well as that, there have been a few removals and additions to the groups, so check 'em out.

That's it for tonight. Beddy time for me.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Whole New Concept To Me

This is incredible. I was totally floored by this. It's so simple and cool and fun and entertaining. Wow!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Straying From The Norm

Happy New Year!

Yes, ok, it's a day late, and also the first post since... lets see... November 13th!!

Anyhow, that's all just because I've been super busy. No, no! Really. Stop laughing. I've had a very busy time. Granted, recently "busy" has been defined as "playing Wii", but it still counts! Busy also includes all that awesome work experience I was doing. While it's over now, I 'm looking forward to going back one or two days to cover if one of the other two staff are out sick. I got some really nice Christmas cards from the kids too when I was leaving. Cards and deoderant! Lots of deoderant. Hmmmm...

Back to the Wii. My last post was about waiting for it, and I have since got one, having cued for a little outside Game in Cork on the release morning to be one of the first in the door. I grabbed Zelda (duh!) and Wii Play on the day, and with Wii Sport included and getting Marvel Ultimate Alliance just before Christmas, I already have four games. I really, really want Raving Rabbits. It just looks to be so much fun to play. But I'm not paying €60 for it. Their advertising campaign is by far the best I've seen for any game. I'm not the only person to go from "meh" to "It must be mine!!" based on ads like this alone!

In other news, I quit my job in the lesiure centre. I'm not going to go into why. That's not what this blog is for. For that, you should check out my other blog, One F*£%ed Up Sucky-A$$ed Day. Lets just say I'm happy I've done it, and feel a whole lot better now that I'm free. And jobless. And broke. But at least I can concentrate on my studies! Eh, eh?!? See? See what I did there? I looked for the silver lining. All I found was a slightly whiter area of the "No money" cloud. Well, crap.

Finally, my New Years resolution is to post more often. I really, really want to use this blog. I love writing, and even just writing this stuff is good practice. Feel free to pester me to update if I stop again.

I have more to say, but I have to go to lunch with some friends now. So...