Thursday, May 18, 2006

Retail Therapy

When I started this blog (not too long ago!) I promised not to spend time moaning and whining about the crap stuff in my life.

But sometimes crap stuff does happen, and I get frustrated. This is especially the case when I don't feel that I'm entirely to blame. Or to blame at all. I'm not going to go any further here, because I'll just end up writing a thesis on my day and the reason I'm annoyed.

However, I deal with this buy shopping. Yes, like women do, except I don't shop for clothes. I buy toys.

So today I went all Dr. Who and got a set of two radio controlled Daleks, and a nifty (man, I don't use that word nearly enough!) TARDIS moneybox.

In the two pictures I have posted here, Spidey is hiding from the Daleks in the TARDIS, cause he owes them rent money. Spider-Man's such a moocher.

Anyway, I have tomorrow off work and plan to pick up some DVDs to make me forget even more how I hate my job with a firey passion... Oops. Did I start moaning again?

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