Saturday, February 03, 2007

Late Night Posting

I really have to try to do posts earlier. These are coming out far less coherently than they sound in my head at this hour (it's now just gone 1am, local time).

Still. Here's a quick lesson on endorphins, an endogenous opioid (I learned that phrase in a lecture this week! Though I have to look up Wikipedia to find out how to spell it.). That means that it is our bodies naturally produced happy-hormone. It's also the reason morphine is so effective on us. Both chemicals have very, very similar structures, so the brain is able to use morphine easily. Endorphines are released when we laugh, cry, eat chocolate, exercise, have sex and lots more besides. They are the reason all these things make us feel great, even crying. I love a good cry. It just feels so good afterwords. I guess that's why that thing called "make-up sex" is so popular. You get a good cry in, and sex! Double your pleasure.

Anyway, most of the methods of releasing endorphins are impossible to relate to you in a blog. I can't give you chocolate, or make you exercise. I really can't give you sex, especially if I want to keep this a PG-13 blog (and I do)! But I can give you laughter, leading to tears. This video made me laugh so much I cried. You don't have to watch it all to the end, but give it until about 1:30 mark to get to the good bit.

Enjoy. Laugh out loud. Breath deeply. Feel all those wonderful endorphins coarsing through your system. You deserve it.

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