Thursday, March 01, 2007


I have found the coolest website of the week just now, and contributed to it as well. Digital Doodle is a wonderful site with a simple idea. Draw anything on the doodle-board and have it included in the vast collection. There is a "Hot Topic" kind of thing on the side that you can do, but you're not forced to. That's my entry for "Aliens" right there on the side.

And before anyone comments that I misspelled "Surprise" (I know you're out there, Mark), he's an alien, and doesn't speak our language, so it's a poor attempt at illustrating that. Be grateful, I was going to use "Supplies!!"

Contribute a doodle and I'll be happy to vote on it, and please vote on mine too!

As a matter of fact, while we're on this subject, that's the rough style of art I'm going for in my upcoming webcomic. A stick-figure with more detailed head and hands. You like?!?

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Mark said...

Nice to see that your blog is no longer so NSFW. I've been staying away from it in the office lately in case my coworkers see nipples on my screen and get the wrong idea!

As for the art style, it's not bad. If the content is good enough, it will do well. Seems to have worked for XKCD (I love today's one, thanks for recommending it!).