Monday, February 05, 2007


Because I am repeating this year in college, I am sitting in many of the same lectures. Slide for slide, an awful lot of these haven't changed. But that's not a bad thing, especially for me!

What I have noticed changing though is the time it takes to give lectures. Take this morning for instance. I start Monday mornings with a double Sociology from 9am until 11am. It was agreed early in the term to start at 9:20 and run through until 11, giving us those precious few extra minutes to get out of bed. But this mornings lecture ran from 9:20 to just 10:25! A total of an hour and 5 minutes! And he got everything he wanted done.

This isn't a rare occurance, either. It seems that all the lecturers are in a rush to get out. Most of my double lectures finish early, sometimes only lasting an hour!

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zinead said...

ya all rushing to annoy me!!! its amazing the amount of UCC staff that ring during their working hours to book this and that!