Saturday, February 03, 2007

Are You Game?

Check out this cool quiz to see if you are the ultimate computer gamer. I got 82%, a score I am very proud of! Granted, I'll admit that some of them were guesswork, but it was balanced with getting some really easy ones wrong. I can't believe I messed up "who didn't drive in Super Mario Kart?"!! How did I not get that? I've played it to death!

And no cheating. It's all very easy to look up the answers while playing, but that's no fun. Post your scores in the comments if you're interested.


zinead said...

52% but yes alot was guesswork!

Donncha Carroll said...

Got 68% the first time honestly and 2147483647 and 104 less honestly. :)

Mark said...

86%. Also raging at myself about MarioKart.