Monday, February 05, 2007

Why? Why?!?

I was on a beach-like place with overhanging plants, tall trees and a wide, cool stream running through the sandy ground. The place was sunny and very hot and the others were running at the stream, then jumping and grabbing a rope over the water and swinging from it, landing with a great big splash. I ran and grabbed it but swung out and wrapped around one of the trees hanging over the stream, making everyone laugh. I kicked off, swung back and let go. My body tingled in the cold water and I wanted to stay there forever. It felt so good.

We got out and went back to a straw hut with a bar that seemed to serve food. Stuff happened, but I've forgotten most of it. Now it seems random and jumbled, but when I was there, it all seemed so normal. There was a girl. Did we know her? We were talking to her so we must know her. Someone came up that we knew, or weren't alarmed at, but he attacked the girl. Of course! She was important. She had to be protected. That's why we were here. We moved to protect her, but another him attacked himself!?! The second one won, and pulled off the first ones Mission Impossible style mask, revealing the truth. The real one was a hero, but I remember knowing he was a superhero! We all went back into the hut to celebrate. The worlds first true superhero. But people inside the hut didn't seem to realise what had happened. We tried to explain. I tried to explain. This was an historic moment! We should all be celebrating. "Unless this is all just a dream" I remember saying. I remember that as the last absolutely clear thing. We laughed and kept on celebrating, but I don't really remember much more.

Then I woke up. At first, I didn't know what had happened. I was still there. On the beach. I could feel the last of the streams cool water on my skin, the grit of the hot sand on my soles. But I wasn't there. It was this morning. It was February, probably cold outside. Probably freezing.

I've woken from dreams glad to be back in the real world. Glad to know what had happened was just a dream. I have woken laughing, but not knowing what at. I have even woken in the past wishing the dream was real.

But never like this. I could hear my own voice in my head joking at how it could all be a dream. I could feel by heart breaking, knowing I had already begun to forget those amazing feelings. My heart was pounding.

This morning, I rolled over and pressed my eyes tightly shut. The alarm was a world away.

I wanted to be back in the water. Tingling. Alive.

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