Thursday, February 22, 2007

Massive Effects

In my last post I stated that when I do get an X-Box 360:

"I'll get Rainbow Six straight away. Nothing else. I don't particularly like Halo. I have no interest in Oblivion. Assassins Creed looks nice, but not something I'd get on release. That's not to say I won't get other games eventually, just nothing grabs me like this one."

Oh how I lied to you, my readers. There is one other game I will be getting. It'll be long out by then, so I can judge how well it holds up to expectations, but I want Mass Effect. I want this pretty, pretty game so very much.

Which is odd. Because it too is strongly centred on FPS style gameplay. But it is so much more.


Jp said...

It's just as well you're wating until the Summer - I'd consider waiting longer. the rumours of a black XBox 360 with a bigger hard drive and better HD support for the same price are getting louder, but they hint at a release in the Autumn.

Also, there are rumours of an XBox 360 price drop, but God knows when that'll happen.

Denis said...

I was aware of all these things, except the release dates. I thought it was a summer thing. If (when) it does get announced, I'll be waiting for the newer model.