Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Miss World Of Warcraft

I know, I know. Never thought you'd hear me say that one, huh? Well, I do.

Usually around this time at night, I'm sitting here at the computer, reading my usual websites, Stumbling for interesting pages, reading comics on the couch, playing DS, watching a movie, any number of other interesting things I could spend my leisure time.

But whatever I'm doing, Claire is sitting behind me at the table playing WOW. She might be completely engrossed in the game, headphones on, listening to someone bark orders about what to do against the newest big dragon. But she's there. I can share the funnies I find with her, gush over the cuties (baby animals, of course!) and stare in wonder at some of the astonishing photos I find.

When she's here.

Claire is gone home for the weekend, and I'm left here on my own. It's disastrously quiet. To the point that I'm sitting here typing this while letting something, I actually don't know what, play in the background just for sake of having noise.

We watched the movie Dagon, based on a H.P. Lovecraft story over at Karens place. Jonathon, Dave and Jp were there also. The movie was enjoyable, but not entirely my cup of tea. Though I was impressed at how much of it went into the inspiration for Resident Evil 4. Actually, that's probably the most enjoyment I got out of it. Nothing wrong with the movie, just not my thing.

Anyway, after the movie Dave and Jp went home and Karen and Jonath were too tired to stay up. So I'm left at home alone. Kinda sucks.

I give Claire a lot of stick for spending all that time in the fantasy lands of Warcraft. I bug her over not spending more time in the "real world". But the truth is, I know she's always there. I know that I can just turn to her and, so long as she's not in mortal danger, or protecting a fellow PC at a crucial moment, she'll enjoy whatever I'm laughing at. I like making her tea and telling her to go to bed. I like filling her in on the latest hot news online. I like her just being there, another body in the room.

But tonight, it's just me. Our apartment isn't all that big, but right now it feels monstrously empty, and ghostly quiet. I miss her.

I may just go to bed early tonight, and sleep in late.

Good night all.


kindle said...

Aww, I feel for ya. The house has been really empty for me with Bob and Sinead gone. Don't worry, Claire will be back soon!

kindle said...

btw I love how you're bolding names and stuff. It's like we're celebrities in a gossip column!

Bob said...

Don't worry guys Bob and Sinead will be back soon. Miss you all.

Denis said...

Yeah, actually the bolding names and stuff was inspired by current comics. It highlights important words or names, so even just skimming a piece of text you get what it's about. A handy idea.

Also, it nicely breaks up long passages and is more pleasing to the eye.

Anonymous said...

*sniff* I MISS WoW TOO!!!!! <=C