Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some Edits

Ok, I realise I could edit the individual posts, but this is how I choose to do it. I like being different.

About Hasselhof as Nick Fury. I should probably mention that I really liked him in the role. He was the best thing about the movie. He looked great, and it was obvious they spent a good deal of the budget on the costume. Come on. Look at the picture from the previous post. The man is Fury, ripped straight from the pages of the comics. Alos, while the effects sucked in general, the Helicarrier was done really, really well. I loved the design.

Captain America. Seriously. Rubber ears! What the heck were they thinking?

I mostly just spoke about the old Fantastic Four movie in the last post. Just to fill you in, I loved the new FF movie, though the ending is a huge let-down. It works better if you look at it as the pilot episode to a larger series. I think the movie will be much better once the sequel is released and we get to see how the story develops. Like I said, this one felt a little more like a pilot.

You have to see the Martian Manhunter in the live action Justice League thingy to believe it. Think "The Mask". Really rubbery and green. And he doesn't sound like J'onn Jonz should either. But then, I am spoilt after the awesomeness of Justice League Unlimited.

Moving on from edits to my previous post (this kinda feels like doing a flashback scene in episode 2 to events from episode 1!) I seem to have lead a much more eventful weekend than previous posts suggest. I guess it's all a case of how you look at it. Also, I find it hilarious that the post stating "That seems to be all my news for the time being" is immediately followed by two more posts within an hour. Man, I crack myself up.

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