Thursday, June 22, 2006

Look! All Over The Internet! It's...


The hype is reaching fever pitch by now. Lex Luthor has successfully hijacked the official Superman Returns website, and is not letting go. His Myspace page invites readers to "get to know [him]". He has even gotten his own comic, just released today, in the form of the Superman Returns Prequel: Lex Luthor. I think I'm starting to root for this guy!

However, the Big Blue Boyscout has been hard at work on his own Myspace site, though the casualness that he reveals all the secrets about his true identity is a little unusual.

Okay, okay. This movie is going to rock. But it's coming out two whole weeks in America before here! Why does that happen anymore? It makes no sense. With smaller movies I understand if they are reluctant to produce extra reel prints, but Superman is going to make millions! Billions! World wide release should be a snap.

Anyway. I'm taking the weekend of the 14th of July off work just so I can go see this movie lots. All that money I would have spent of X-Men 3 shall now go to Warner Bros.

Yeuck. I feel dirty.

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