Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spider-Man 3

The trailer is on-line! And it's amazing. Don't be fooled by the "teaser" tag, this is much more than that. We get to see two villians in action, another uncovering a hidden truth, the answer to the nature of the black costume, a change of heart, a troubled hero and much, much more.

God. I'm already loooking forward to this more than Superman Returns! Damn you Raimi! I didn't even like the second one.


Jp said...

You didn't like the second one? It wasn't as good as the first, but I thought it was good, bar a few cringeworthy moments. I thought it made Dr. Octopus a believable bad guy for the first time. Not even Ultimate Doc Ock was too convinving for me. Though the MJ wedding sideplot pissed me off a little, the superhero side of it was pretty cool.

Denis said...

I bought the DVD shortly after it was released. It stayed in it's original packing until Noel opened it to check for the Punisher cameo. Since then it hasn't ever been out of the box.

I was totally underwhelmed by the movie. MJ annoyed me enough that I'm looking forward to seeing if they go and kill her in the new one. I'm hoping they do.

Doc Ock was done terribly in my opinion. Well acted, Alfred Molina was awesome, but just really poorly written. His whole reason for being evil boils down to "Spider-Man let my wife die in a tragic accident that was entirely my fault. I must kill him."

It's not as bad as X-Men 3, but the first Spider-Man movie is far superior.

Jp said...

No arguments on the MJ front. She's dull.

But as for Dock Ock, remember the AI in the tentacles. Doc Ock in the movie is a joint personality - himself and the AI. And the AI has no sense of morality since it's not human. In fact, I'd bet it's driving him to complete the fusion project simply since it's programmed to monitor that. And if there's no fusion project, then the AI has no purpose.

Maybe I'm giving the scriptwriter too much credit here, but I thought the corrupting influence of the AI on Octavius was done very well.

As for his reason for the grudge against Spiderman - you're right, but I don't see that as a big flaw. Movie Doc Ock isn't the traditional supervillain. He's a fallen good guy in a way. Hence why we see early on that he's everything Peter wants to be, and is clearly one of Peter's heroes.

Look at his mistake - although the project was already beyond saving, he did let himself be distracted by Spiderman during the crisis, and it's very believable that he'd blame Spidey instead of himself. It's all too easy to find a scapegoat for your own screw-ups. So he takes it out on the hero, pushed further and further into villainy all the while by the tentacle AI.

It's not until the end when Otto shrugs off their influence and takes responsibilty for what he's done, presumably having learned from Peter's example. After all - it's a Spiderman story. Responsibility is always the main theme. That's probably going to be true of the third one too.

That's the way I see it. I'm not arguing that the movie's better than the first, or even a good movie through and through, but I thought Doc Ock was one of it's high points.