Thursday, June 08, 2006

What a Weekend

It's been a busy week, so apologies for not posting about my weekend sooner. After meeting with my college friends on Saturday, Karen, Bob, Noel and Sinead threw a barbeque at their place on Sunday. It was great fun, loaded with meat and deserts. Once things began to die down, around 11pm, Jonathon, Brian, Dave and myself all went for a drive to some beach and took a walk in the midnight air. Very cool.

Monday was a bank holiday, so I wanted to do something special. It's been years since I was at the beach, so I talked Brian and Jonathon into agreeing to drive us all to a beach of their choice.

It was awesome. We went to Garrettstown, a huge beach of beautiful sand and crystal clear waters. The weather was amazing yet again, so the place was pretty busy, but there was still tonnes of room. Noel and Bob were crazy enough to go into the water, while the rest of us just paddled, or sunbathed on the warm sands. Seriously, the whole place was straight out of BayWatch. I still can't believe we have beaches like this in Ireland.

All us guys took a stroll up around the grassy cliffs to find some nice rock pools, while the girls stayed back on the beach to bake. By the time we got back we relaxed for a short while more before heading home around 4pm.

Once back at the house, all I could do was collapse into bed for a few hours. Claire got fairly badly burnt, along with a few others I'm sure. I just got a little burnt, but most I got some nice colour.


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