Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One Step Closer

I had a good day today.

I got off work early to go into college to meet with my Professor again about returning to college. After quizzing me once again on why I'm such a terrible slacker, he agreed that it would be awesome for me to return, and sent me on my merry way to the Art faculty to do paper-work and red-tape stuff.

Unfortunate the lady I needed to speak to wasn't available, so I have to go back tomorrow to meet with her.

Assuming all goes well, I'm back to the educated life in September. This means I need money to pay for repeating and lots and lots of notes again. Anyone out there that can help me with either or both of these problems, feel free to contact me!

In celebration, I went out and bought two new DVDs. The two disk edition of Batman Begins, and the first Tomb Raider movie. I plan on watching Tomb Raider tonight, totally switch off, relax and enjoy the boobs action scenes. That bungee thing, affectionately refered to online as the Bungee-Ballet, in the main hall of the mansion is still one of my all time favourite action sequences. I realise it's completely unrealistic, as bungee cords don't work that way, but damn it's a blast to watch!


Jp said...

Screw how bungee cords actually work. Who doesn't love someone bouncing up and down and taking out mooks each time. That was a cool action scene.

sinead said...

congrads on going back to college, i was running out of student friends!