Thursday, January 04, 2007


And not the boring kind where I say something like "Sorry I haven't posted in weeks, but I promise to post more often from now on" and you don't hear from me again. No, this is a quick post on some slight, slight changes I've made to the blog itself.

Most notibly I have changed the side panel. Now the whole thing is themed! Everything is "Terrific". Nice.

Um... actually, I think that's about it for the obvious changes. In the background, I've gone and updated to the new formats that allow easier modifications to be made, so that's cool. Also, I updated some of my links. A few months late, but now kindle acctually links to her new blog! I've been reading it since she changed, just never realised I hadn't changed the link. Silly me. As well as that, there have been a few removals and additions to the groups, so check 'em out.

That's it for tonight. Beddy time for me.

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