Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's Try That Again

I've been having a tough time over the last few days. Nothing major, just lots of little things. I'm not gonna moan about it, but let's just say that giving up work just before Christmas was still awesome, I just wish I had something else by now. Not that I've been looking much, I'm currently helping in that pre-school I completed my work experience in four mornings a week for a week or two, paid this time!! Nice! But it's not enough, and now Claire is out of a job too. Yup. She got laid off. "Not enough work for everyone". Blah. What I'm earning isn't enough, but I can't really do a whole lot more because of college. And college... they're all so young. And they don't talk to me yet, because I'm the "new guy" in a class of 87 girls and 3 guys! It doesn't help that I've been missing a small selection of lectures and tutorials because I really, really need to work to earn something to survive on. Tutorials in particular are where I'm going to get to know the class. Bah. There. Most stuff vented in a single (bigger an average) paragraph. Not everything. Most.


Life is still good ok survivable pretty damn awesome. No, seriously. No matter how bad stuff gets for us, we always survive. Always. And I still have her. Amd broadband. God I love broadband. I'm watching House MD at the moment. Halfway through series one. I should really write an entry on how ridiculously identical every episode is. And I will. Soon.

And I've started a full set of custom action figures based on Nextwave!! The entire team. I'm even planning Dirk Anger, Elvis MODOK, Neekid Ninjas, the works!! Awesome. My sewing skills have vastly improved too! And I've learned that when you want fabric to make tiny jackets, go to a charity shop and buy a jacket! Much cheaper than getting the fabric alone.

So look. Life might suck, but actually, when you think about it, it's not all that bad. Nothing lasts forever, and moments of hardship are just that; moments. Not every day will be terrific, but did you know that pre-school teachers have a longer life expectancy and get out of jury duty!! And for those reasons, right now, my life will be great. Worship me.

Finally. Sorry for deleting the previous post. I've never had to do that before. Sure, I've scrapped posts before, but never posted something I wanted to delete later. But it's gone (along with your comment Weefz. Thanks, though. Nice to be thought of... not that I doubt others weren't thinking of me too, but you commented, so that's cool!). Hopefully I'll never have to do it again. After all, that's what One F*£%ed Up Sucky-A$$ed Day is for. Right?!?

Edit: Sorted!! This "learning HTML on the go" thing can have it's disadvantages.


Cian said...

You have to click the "Edit HTML" tab and then you can use the strike tag. just remember to use < and > instead of [ and ].


Weefz said...

Yeah, don't forget it's the less than/greater than thing for HTML.

Do you spend a lot of time in bbcode or something? Wikipedia has the most common BBCode-HTML equivalents.

Bob said...

What are you people on about? I had enough html after learning how to do this and this.

It's good that that you're not focusing on the negative, D. I believe everyone is entitled to have a negative patch, but only a patch. Anything more and you've one of two things: gothism or depression.