Tuesday, January 09, 2007

HTML Helped

Well, super thanks to Cian for the much needed HTML help. I swear I scanned over that whole template looking for something to jump out at me. It's the first time I've really needed help with HTML. Now, I have no training in it, but any time I've wanted to do something that required it, a little light reseach got me on track and the task accomplished. I'm quite proud of that fact.

Anyway, now the body of my blog is, as you can see, slightly wider. This just gives me a little leg-room, so to speak.

Thanks again.

Also, glad to see you're back up and... well... updating! I feel we need to support each other in this blogging venture thingy! We're not the best for updating sometimes. Karen put us both, and many others I'm sure, to shame before the Christmas with an update on a daily basis! Amazing.

I'm going to attempt to do that myself for a month some time. Some time. But not now.

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