Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Frozen Moments

Not only does May 2nd mean the first anniversary of my blogging exploits, but it is also marks the end of the first year of my Flickr account! And what a year it's been! To celebrate, I did a cool Flickr photo mosaic using a selection of images from the newest to the first few put up!

I hope you enjoy.
1. Friends, 2. Looking The Worse For Wear, 3. Images in Flame, 4. Shane in Sombrero, 5. Spider-Man?!?, 6. Andrea & I, 7. Looming Over, 8. Too Much Blue, 9. Just The Two Of Us, 10. Look Out! Cat!, 11. Hopi, 12. All Business, 13. Watching, 14. Me, 15. Three Daves, 16. See That..., 17. Friends 2006, 18. Hi!, 19. Classic Pose, 20. Cotton Wool Landscape, 21. The Touristy Shot, 22. Squish, 23. Sandy Dune, 24. Claire and Panda, 25. Picnic In The Park, 26. Noel, 27. Mirror Image, 28. Bring It On, Little Man, 29. Buster And Me, 30. To the Left, 31. Finger Puppets on the Moon, 32. Blink And You'll Be Missed, 33. Resting On The Lawn, 34. Through The Looking Glass, 35. Under Attack, 36. Debating World Politics

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