Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Year Older And Deeper In Friends

Woo! Look at me! Still alive, still kicking it! Still buying toys, still reading comics, still writing this blog, still taking photos, still in college... crap. Well it was good while it lasted.

Last year I was kinda depressed as the clock ticked over midnight into my birthday, and this year, I was feeling similar. Don't know why. But I'm guessing it was to do with a lack of food or something. Anyway, I'm feeling great now as the day draws to a close!

I had another exam today. Child Health and Paediatrics. Went well, I felt. Over all, very happy with it. On the way there in the morning I took some really nice photos. It was a very bright morning. Then I got home with a chocolate cake and took the photo you see above, which was fun to do, and a bit different. On checking Flickr, I found my good friends that I've made there had posted lots of cool birthday photos for me, involving all sorts of toys! How cool is that?

So what's another year? Last year, I was really just getting into this. Over the past 265 days I have met a tonne of new people across the Internet that I will be forever proud to call friends. I still have the best friends in the world in real life, I'm still with the only person I want to spend my life with (no, not Spider-Man... Claire! Sheesh!), I've started some interesting projects and I'm almost finally done in UCC, even if I have some more time to spend in college. But at least I can get a job for a while and have money again!

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Weefz said...

Haha! That's a brilliant photo! You're very very good at posing Spidey. He does look ready to shove that chocolate down your throat.