Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bouncing Blogger Baby

On this date one year ago I started "One Terrific Day". To be honest, I'm not the best at keeping things going, I tend to start a lot of things, and I'm lucky if I see two of them through to completion. I'm just happy that this time this was one of the two.

I've enjoyed the past year, and having this blog is a great way to look back at fond memories that are already starting to cloud in my mind. I'd have to say, out of over 120 posts at least 118 of them were upbeat and positive, something I had as a goal from the very start. Things like Bebo and MySpace are full of depressed posters complaining about sucky lives, blissfully ignorant to the fact that simply having enough money to afford access to the Internet as well as all that black clothes and make-up puts them above 80% of the people on the planet already! I wanted something different. Something people could come to and enjoy, either through reading my often crazy antics, random ramblings, or whatever I've chosen to review this time.

Mostly I admit the last year of blogging has been pretty meaningless to anyone apart from myself. Even more of them are uninteresting unless you're one of the people involved in the story. But I guess that's alright! I'm not trying to have a readership in the thousands. I started this thing as a place for me to put my own thoughts down. That said, I love the fact that there are a few people who read this that I've never met! It does feel kinda cool being able to reach anyone with similar interests!

So that's it. A year of blogging behind me, and 120 posts and counting. Here's to many more!

And to everyone that's been reading, I hope you've found something worth seeing every now and then. Thanks.


zinead said...

Its been great reading your blog! Happy Blogday

Noel said...

Happy blogday to you,
Happy blogday to you,
Happy blogday dear,
Happy blogday to you!

Cian said...

Here here, keep 'em coming