Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Week Without Claire

Claire was in Turkey all last week. It's the single longest time we've spent apart since we started going out together. It's also the furthest apart we've been in all that time.

I thought it would kill me. But it didn't. I think it was good for us. Some time apart to be ourselves. Or at least I could be myself. Claire had to put up with family! I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I cleaned the house, though it's hard to tell already. I was a little bored and lonely at some times, but that's cause either I had work early in the morning, so I couldn't have anyone over, or I got out of work late and others had work early in the morning. Whatever. It was hardly a big deal.

And I got to catch up on some stuff I've been wanting to see. Which leads nicely into my next post...


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