Friday, November 02, 2007

Wanted: An Original Idea

Quick! What year is this?!? I feel like I've just slipped into an alternate 1999 where The Matrix is about to be released after some very, very minor rewrites!

Let's see:

  • A main character with super human hidden abilities living a boring life in a facade of a world
  • Bullet time
  • Snappy sound bites
  • Older, black mentor
  • White female trainer
  • Cubical office scene
  • Tonnes of CGI

The list goes on. There is nothing new in that trailer! Those guys should win an award for that! The movie, by the way is Wanted, based on the Mark Millar joke of a comic that seems to think being clever is kicking the reader in the nuts for the benefit of the author's ego.

Morgan Freeman as Morpheus: It is a choice, Wesley, that each of us must face. The red pill, or the blue...


DaveMan said...

Oh god oh god oh god, what are you whinging about? Who cares if it's like the Matrix? The Matrix was a thinly veiled ripoff of Dark City anyway! The importamnt point is that they've taken the source material, the 'Wanted' comic, and twisted every possible detail. The secret fraternity of cruel, hedonistic villains becomes a secret fraternity of pragmatic vigilantes. Super-villains become anti-heroes. A caucasian midget super-scientist becomes Morgan Godamn Freeman. A sexy clone of Halle Berry becomes Angelina Jolie. Not Sexy! The entire theme of 'life of no consequences' becomes 'life of unrecognised service to mankind'. It makes the Constantine movie seem very true to the original. Sigh. Everything is ruined forever.

Denis said...

Having not read the comic all I could comment on was the trailer in front of me. I knew they had moved leaps and bounds away from the source material as soon as they started filming! No movie was ever going to end like the comic did without riots.

But yes, moving this far away makes the movies title and tie to the comic fairly pointless.