Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Aces & Eights

Having played and enjoyed the RPG Deadlands, as well as having a passing interest in card games, I invested in a set of poker chips. Two decks of cards were included, but they were paper thin and two cards got their edges marked while I was trying to shuffle one as soon as I opened it! So I also bought a shiny new, high-quality pack.

I've never played poker, and had to learn the rules, so I can't say I've learned to control my "tell" yet, but then, I don't even know what it is! My current guess, based on games of Cluedo, Fluxx and Chrononauts, is that I smile like a maniac when things are going my way, and try to play it cool. So... not really that hard a tell to spot then!

Anyway, I also plan on using the chips to track Fate Points in Spirit of the Century, and hope to see them flying back and forth across the table throughout the games! I love the clink of the chips against one another, and find myself playing with them on the table while I'm watching cartoons at home. I'm also slowly learning how to flip one across my fingers like they do in the movies! I would love to be able to sit at the head of a table of players, describing the scene that lies before them, slowly turning over a chip from one finger to the next, threatening to compel any one of them!


zinead said...

sheesh, Bob and I tried constantly to have a poker night with you guys. Thats it, when we come back its on, on like donkey kong.

Denis said...

Well, I blame GaelCon for this too. I watched a few games of poker at the Con, and it seemed like innocent fun.

Plus, as I said before, since GaelCon, I'm jusr hungry for any type of gaming I can get!