Monday, August 06, 2007

Vocabulary Fun

A word association game has gripped my select number of friends here in Cork, and has begun to travel abroad, reaching out to San Fransisco and Toronto! Funny Farm starts you on the centre block, with just the phrase "On The Farm". From there, you have to snake out to the surrounding blocks, slowly making connections across the board. The corner blocks also contain a yellow "clue word", each of which hints at the complete metapuzzle answer.

This is one tough game! It's virtually impossible to do alone, but amazing fun when you have friends helping out. In our own house we have the game running on both the PC and laptop, while some of us guess blindly and others can research possibilities. But no amount of research will get you all the answers, unless you find a list of answers, in which case you cheated anyway. As well as that, the same game is running in one or two locations around Cork, with Karen in California, and with Bob in Canada! What amazing fun!

Feel free to give the game a try yourself, but if you want to pick up from where we are, I'll post the link to the puzzle as we have it in the comments to this entry. That way you can expand the growing network of friends determined to solve this game through honest research, luck and lateral thinking. Ok. A little knowledge is involved too, but not much!

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Denis said...

Like I promised, the link to the puzzle as we have it. Remember, this is your last chance to try this by yourself, or with a bunch of your own friends huddled around a computer. Once you click the link, the puzzle will open up, and you'll be a part of our quest to finish it off.

Last chance...

Ok. Here it is.

Welcome to The Network.

Post your additional discoveries here. Have fun!