Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Updated Yet?

I have quite a few friends that blog regularly, and I love reading them all! What I hate is checking a list of five or six blogs every morning and evening for updates, so I've come up with a solution, of sorts. Unfortunately, it needs your help, fellow bloggers!

See, I'm going to archive a direct link to this post at the side there, under the heading of "Terrific Updates". Any time you update your own blog, my friend, just pop over here, click the link, and leave a comment on this very post!! That way, I get an instant email telling me you updated, and I can go read all about your interesting life, and the crazy adventure you got up to today that makes me want to buy a bus/train/plane ticket to wherever you are and hang out with you right now!

If anyone out there has similar problems keeping up to date with your friends lives, just copy this idea, and text, into a post on your own blog!! Only we can make life easier for all.

So get posting and commenting. I look forward to reading your next entry.


Cian said...

You make a good point and it's an issue I can relate to both sides of the issue. I remembered that a long time ago I tried out but hated the interface. Anyway I just went back and checked it out, the interface is ao much better! I was able to add Karen, Sinead, JP and yourself. You can read all the blogs in one place then (Bob appears to have his atom feed turned off). You can even mark posts as being shared and have all your shared entried appear in your blog's sidebar. Looks pretty snazzy. Of course that firefox e-mail client probably has similar functions (you want an rss and atom feed reader).

zinead said...

I'm not sure should I tell you I blogged or do you know already?