Friday, April 13, 2007

My Busy Weekend

This Easter bank holiday weekend I went home to my family for a few days, as I do every Easter. I got away from the internet, friends, work, the world. Home is in the open countryside, a beautiful area in the centre of Ireland, surrounded by green fields, trees, hills and valleys. Below is the nearest town, some five miles away, and from the front of our house you can look down on it, stunningly lit at night. Above, is the Devils Bit, a mountain that has been an unforgettable part of my childhood. By day, it is a wondrous mix of colours, and by night a huge cross glows brightly at it's peak.

So over a glorious weekend I mowed both our lawns, turbo powerwashed most of the drive around the house, helped feed and play with the neighbours two Labradors, watched some movies in the evenings, went to Mass, cooked dinner for mum and my sister, spent lots of time playing with our own two dogs, shot my brother Stephen a few times, caught up with some of the cousins, and generally hung out and had a great time. I also took a few pictures over the weekend, though not nearly as many as I thought.

All in all, a great and activity packed weekend!!

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zinead said...

Your poor brother! He's unarmed, stop shooting!