Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Nathan Fillion Series

Normally my headings are something clever. Something I put a lot of thought into. I could have used "Mal Hits The Road", or "Firefly Gets New Horsepower", but I didn't like either. Instead, I got straight to the point.

Drive, according to "follows the lives of a group of Americans racing each other in a sinister and possibly mortal cross-country race. Each has a special reason to compete - and each must win."

Sounds interesting? Yeah. Not very. In fact, if Nathan Fillion wasn't involved, I would have forgotten it even existed already. The fact that Tim Minear is creator and executive producer helps too. In case you're not aware, Tim was one of the guys that gave us the short lived, but hugely popular Firefly series, along with Joss "Is My Master Now" Whedon.

The premise of the show sounds far too close to the madcap comedy movie Rat Race. Everyone racing across the continent to get to some far-off finish line. But they don't even know where the finish line is!?! To illustrate the point, Nathan played a little game at a recent convention. He gave two con attendees half of his boarding pass each and told them to find a specific dealer in the dealer's room, but no information about where that dealer may be. He texted the dealer from his mobile phone and informed him to give the first person to show up with half his boarding pass a free book.

I'm looking forward to seeing this, but only because of the main actor and creators previous track record. I'll post my verdict on the actual series once I've seen it. For now, get excited. Or not.

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