Monday, September 04, 2006

Hello Again

I've been a bit lax in my updates recently, both here and in my Flickr account. So I've decided to rectify the situation somewhat by posting some more reviews of stuff, random thoughts that pop into my head and my second post of Random Shinyness, something I started way back in May, but never did a follow up too.

While on the subject of increasing post-counts, I thought I'd share some hopes I have for this blog. Way back in my first post I outlined the reason for the name, and hinted at some of the stuff I wanted the blog to be for. While talking about comics, toys and movies is still all well and good, I feel I want to do more.

Back when I was in secondary school I spent a lot of time writing. Short stories, articles, reviews, personnal thoughts on stuff happening at the time, just lots of things. I never had a diary, and most of what I wrote was on random sheets of paper that were lost by the end of the week. But two things held true.

Firstly, I enjoyed writing for pleasure, and leisure. I enjoyed writing things I could re-read and smile at, and thing I had to admit sounded much better in my head. I actually enjoyed learning from my mistakes, and making those mistakes. I liked trying new things, such as scripting for movies, comics and even theatre. I once wrote a sci-fi short piece as a theatre play, carefully working out how everything would work on stage. I'd like to get back to just writing as a form of relaxation, an outlet for my imagination, or a channel for my thoughts on a subject.

Secondly, and arguably the one that affected me the most, I was told more than once that I had a real knack for natural writing by my secondary school English teacher, a great man that I still respect and admire, though I haven't seen him since I closed that chapter of my life. He talked to me regularly outside of class about the various essays I handed in, and gave me pointers on each one. He was always more impressed with my "editorials", essays about things around me and how I saw them. I will always remember my five page essay on why I was looking forward to seeing the (then just starting on British tv) Teletubbies (Warning: knock of your speakers before clicking that link, especially if you're at work!)for the first time, and why Fireman Sam is still so much fun to watch. He gave me very high marks for it, showing amusement at my interest in kids tv, but never mocking me. Or the time I wrote a sci-fi piece about being on board the first manned mission to Mars. He was impressed with it up until the end, telling me I used a clichéd tool, and should have just let it play out. (In the story, I slipped on the last step to the planet only to find myself lying on my bedroom floor, realising it was "all just a dream". Like the man said, clichéd!) He really didn't like one I wrote about a billionaire inventor named Max Cannon. Man... he really hated that one.

So. I want to start writing again. As such, expect to see the afore mentioned editorials, as well as possibly one or two short stories.

I'd rather get away from "recent deaths", "back to college" and "From London to Fota, or How I Learned to Relax and Enjoy my Summer". However, it is now 00:34 by my clock, so I'm off to bed!

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Weefz said...

Yay :) I like your writing style nad it would be good to see more than a diary. To be honest, I can't really remember how I found your blog. I think I was just clikcing on the "Next Blog" button