Monday, September 11, 2006

I, Robot

Just watched this movie again while I had the house to myself. I love it. I saw it twice in the cinema. It's a great action movie, with cool special effects, very nice CGI and a compelling murder mystery story.

Okay, so it's got nothing to do with Isaac Asimov's story save the 3 Laws, but it's a whole lot of fun.

And I love seeing what I like to refer to as a "Galaxy Quest Machine". This can be defined as a machine that has to be gotten at through a ridiculously designed approach that the main characters must use in order to stop the badguy/thing/whatever. The phrase comes, obviously, from the fact that the movie Galaxy Quest makes blatant fun of this principle, dispite the fact that it's been around for much longer than the movie itself.

Course, the whole time I was watching the movie, I wanted to start watching Firefly again. Alan Tudyk voices and plays Sonny, the rogue NS-5 robot of the movie and Wash in Firefly.

Interesting but useless observation: One of the assistants to the owner of USRobotics that shows up in the police station is currently the chief engineer on BattleStar Galactica.

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