Saturday, July 20, 2013

Board Game Review Master List

Since moving to Vancouver, I've had the chance to play and experience a huge range of new boardgames thanks to new friends with new interests, not to mention an surge of new releases in that time. I've occasionally tweeted my enjoyment or disappointment over a game, but I thought I'd expand on those 140 characters here, and break down my favourite board/card games.

Some of these are new games, some are old games that have just been introduced to me, and a few are reprints, or new editions. There are a number of ways I could approach this list, but after giving it some thought, we will start with Risk: Legacy, then King of Tokyo, and so on in that fashion.

Risk: Legacy
King of Tokyo
Forbidden Island
Elder Sign
Red November
Escape The Curse of the Temple
Race to Adventure

Shadow Hunters

Love Letter & Lost Legacy
Cosmic Encounter
Legendary Encounters
Sheriff Of Nottingham
2-Player Mini Reviews
XCOM The Board Game
Captain Sonar

I update this list with new links as I write more board game reviews, such that this post is a hub for all my reviews. Bookmark it for easy access any time you need it.

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Robert said...

Hi Denis, nice reviews. I'm a fellow Vancouverite, and my brother and I have made a game which we are looking to have reviewed. We are wondering if you might entertain such a possibility.
We will be putting it up on Kickstarter soon (Canada's start date is sept.9) It's called "Escape from Sunset Island: Zombie Apocalypse Simulator" We have a couple prototypes and it would be great to get your opinion, and if you deem worthy, a review of it.



P.S. you can contact me at rstraker@gmail as well.