Monday, May 07, 2012

Overheard On...

Gmail, while discussing the hunting and trapping of cats* with a friend.

 Brian:  So with ye're stay of execution, I mean deportation, ye gonna get another kitty?
 me:  Erm... probably not. At least, not right now.
 me:  We're looking into getting Permanent Residency, then getting a pet that's a bit more long-lived, won't appreciate being called a pet in later life, and probably needs more than a box to sleep in...
 Brian:  :O
They're like, waaaay more expensive than kittens.
 me:  I know, I know! But you can teach them to talk and do party tricks as they get older.
 Brian:  Get two! That way, you can ignore them, and they'll entertain themselves!
 That's right folks! Claire and I are planning to get a parrot.

Wait... you thought WHAT?!?

*- All for a good cause. They get trapped, neutered and released back into the wild. Spay your pets folks!

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