Friday, March 20, 2009

Join The Revolution

While I'm pimping other peoples websites, I guess I should pimp my own wife's (still not used to typing that!) one as well.

Claire has started up a blog focusing on the basics of how to use a computer, from posts about what an operating system is and what it does, to the weird wild world of the world wide web.

Revolutions Ireland is aimed squarely at those of us that know next to nothing about PCs, and can't tell their input device from their output device, let alone their ROM from their RAM, most of the readers of my blog, will find little new information within. That said, it is, unsurprisingly, well written and clear, and if any of you have family or friends that would like to start learning the basics of what makes computers tick, then Claire would love if you'd point them to her site. If they're wondering why their computer actually is producing a ticking sound, I'm sure she has a post related to that particular issue coming up soon... though, honestly, if it's ticking now, it's probably already too late.

Long overdue, I've also added her site to my blog list on the right side of this page.

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