Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Irish Day!

It's March 17th, and I've posted a grand total of twice now in 2009, including this one! We are as good as a quarter of the way through the year already, so I have some serious catching up to do.

Because today is the feast of Ireland's patron saint, I have the day off of work. Because it falls on a Tuesday, I also got Monday off work! So far today, I have put on a wash, dried the dishes that Claire cleaned, did some light tidying, and surfed the net, all climaxing with this post right now. The sun is beaming in the windows of our new place, so I hope to head out and spend some time outside later today as well.

Yesterday was far less productive, but much more enjoyable. Claire had work, and was up early. I got up soon after, turned on the Xbox and spent the vast majority of the day playing Burnout Paradise. Since last I blogged about Burnout, I not only got that elusive Burnout License, but managed 100% completion. Life without internet for six weeks can drive a man to extraordinary heights of accomplishment! I also tried my hand at my first online combat in Tom Clancy's Endwar, and learned that I am not a very good general, despite what my single player campaign suggests.

Finally, last night I put in a few hours on Gears of War 2, a game I really need to post about. I love the game, and have made some great friends through it, all of whom I really enjoyed playing with again now that I'm back online! Horde mode is the best fun ever!

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