Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm The Goddamned John Connor

As most of you know, Christian Bale is starring in next years newest installment of the Terminator franchise. It doesn't have a lot going for it. The previous movie was weak, the series is a child of the 80's, and the director has both Charlies Angels movies on his credit list (they were beyond awful! Sorry Brian), and it has a Rapper in it's main cast... Hmmm...

But the newest US trailer from earlier this week is frikkin' sweet!

And here's the brand new International trailer, released just yesterday. Mostly just a different edit of the same scenes, there are a small few new shots involved.

Oooh.... Don't get excited Denis! You'll only be bitterly dissapointed. Please, please, please... was that a 30 foot tall Terminator?!? Oh sweet! Frak! Wow! Awesome! I do so love my giant robotic death machines!


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Jp Corkery said...

I would say that the movies (up to 3 anyway) seems to be suffering from diminishing returns. Salvation may or may not be, well the salvation of the series.

But if ask me the best way to keep the franchise going is pretty much what the TV show is doing. While I haven't seen any of the 2nd season stuff yet, it seems a much better approach at revitalising the whole Terminator thing.

And as 30 foot tall terminators go, I prefer the huge 30 foot tall HK units we saw in the brief shots of the future in either T1 or T2 (can't remember which). This one looks kinda cool, but also looks like it couldn't exist outside of CGI land. :)