Monday, December 08, 2008

Those Damned Water Aliens Are Back Again

Grab your shotguns! Turn up your obnoxious high pitched music! Release the flu virus across the population! But above all else, someone get Will Smith on the phone!!

The aliens are back, and this time, they're invading from the depths of our planets oceans, those clever so-and-sos.

Not a hoax, not a fake, maybe some hyperbole, lots of inaccurate assumptions on my behalf, National Geographic has the full, fact filled, non-sensationalist story, with video! But who wants that?!?

Alien-like Squid With "Elbows" Filmed at Drilling Site

Okay, so this is kinda old news by now (very old news by internet standards!), but I've been meaning to post about it for days now! Days, I tells ya!

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